When is it time to rebrand?

June 16, 2015
When is it time to rebrand?

Troxell Web Design is getting a makeover! A new website and brand image is coming soon, but you may be asking yourself why? It is always important to look at your companies image, as it is one of the first impressions of your company. So when is it time to rebrand? There are several reasons we thought about, and you should too if you are considering rebranding.

  1. Does your company name still reflect what you do?
    Graphics and print have always had a place in our heart, but over the past two years we now do as much graphic/print design as we do web development! Luckily, our company name still fits with what we do, and with a little logo tweaking, we’ve come up with a great way to express we are a web AND design company. Rebranding doesn’t mean changing your company name, if your name still reflects what you do, then keep that name and focus on other areas of rebranding.

  2. Your image doesn’t reflect what you can deliver
    Our expertise in web and graphic design has grown tremendously over the past few years, and we want to show what we can do! If you feel as though your image doesn’t match the quality of service you can provide your customers, it may be time for a company facelift.

  3. You want to expand your range of clients.
    We have always worked with medium and small businesses, but we also want to work with large companies as well. A rebranding will help reflect what we do, and what we do best. Look at the clients you are attracting, if they are the right customers, then you’re doing something correct and may only need to freshen up your brand.

  4. You fall behind your competitors
    With any good business you always need to be in check with what your competitors are doing, and strategize on how you can set yourself a part. If your website and logo look out of date, but your competitors looks modern and more professional it maybe time to look at rebranding.

You should take all of these reasons in consideration when thinking about rebranding, and try to think of any consequences that may come as well. Remember to review the message you are sending out, think about when is the best time to rebrand, and how much rebranding do you actually need to do. Doing your research will help you figure out if it’s time to rebrand your company. We can’t wait to share our new website and image with you!

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