PicMonkey - Photo Editing Made Easy

March 11, 2013
PicMonkey - Photo Editing Made Easy

Although we use Photoshop daily, we’re sad that Google is closing down Picnik, the online photo editing web application. After rolling Picnik’s features into Google Plus, Google has decided to close the service. For quick editing on the fly and applying filters to photos, Picnik has been an awesome web application. Even though Picnik will not be around much longer, something better has already risen from the soon to be ashes. A little over a year after the acquisition of Picnik by Google and the learning of its fate, some of the same engineers that developed Picnik have developed PicMonkey. Here’s what they have to say…

“If you loved Picnik, PicMonkey is back in town and better than ever. It’s faster, more powerful, and easier to use. It’s the real deal you already know, plus 78% more monkey.”

We are glad they are letting one of the most awesome web based photo application live on, and also have to add that it truly is faster, easier, and is packed with some awesome features. Give PicMonkey a try today… we think you’re going to love it.

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